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Below is a piece of lisp-code, which implements insertion, find and deletion in red-black-trees. The algorithm for insertion is taken from a C source I found in the internet, the deletion algorithm I developed originally. The program contains some testbed-code which you can delete as it is probably not of much use elsewhere.

There was a program A with CLOS originally, but it is not presented here anymore, as it is not maintained any longer. Program B is implemented with structs, leading two a fourfold increase in execution speed over version A. At the moment only Program B contains the find and deletion code.

Program B

WARNING!!! On Github jwiegley created a repository red-black from this code. Now Elias Martenson found a bug in 2015 and communicated it to me in private mail. My code above contains a bugfix for this, but jwiegley did not patch his code accordingly. So you must do the patch for yourself, if you use the jwiegley repository.

A LL(1) Parser generator

A simplistic LL(1)-Parser generator is currently under development. It can be found in parser-gen.lisp

Exporting Opera bookmarks to Netscape/Mozilla

bookmarkprocess.lisp contains functions for importing Opera bookmarks, selecting subsets from them and exporting to Netscape.

Other code samples

If you want to see some other (little) lisp programs I wrote up to now, look at this directory of lisp code.

A small wish in big print:

If you do more with the code here than just glance over it:

Please send me a short e-mail (jboehm@gmx.net) with some comments on it (for example suggestions on further development).

- I notice in the logs that the codes are GET from time to time, but never received any comment. It would be somewhat encouraging to receive feedback, as I sometimes ask myself why to keep this site up if nobody seems to take any use from it -

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