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The goal of this project is to create a small Lisp-Machine in an FPGA.

  • The hardware will be defined in the Verilog language on a Spartan 3 Xilinx FPGA
  • The concrete system I am working with is the Spartan 3 Starter Kit from Digilent
  • The core of the project is designing a CPU with Lisp optimized instruction set together with a complete set of system software written in Lisp
  • The CPU is mostly ready as synthesizable Verilog
  • Currently an interpreter for Lisp in Lisp is mostly ready, a compiler (prototype) is operational
  • A simple garbage collector (stop and copy) is ready
  • A basic OS has to be be written
  • A simulator for the CPU exists on a instruction level in Common Lisp
  • Currently I use Lispworks' free Lispworks Personal IDE for Lisp development

More Details can be found at the Lispm-FPGA directory.

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