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What I want to build here


I am looking for computer codes, which can be used to solve problems in continuum-mechanics, to put it into the broadest possible terms.

   Typical application areas, from which such codes might stem, could be:

  • computational fluid dynamics
  • simulation of nuclear processes and heat transport in a star
  • numerical relativity
  • simulation of chemical reactions in flowing gaseous or fluid media
  • elctromagnetic fields interacting with matter (for example earth magnetic field and solar winds)

   When searching through the internet, I found overwhelmingly much research on these subjects, which quite probably mostly also produced interesting codes. But only a very small fraction of these codes seem to be publicised freely.

   Of course, this might be for the reason, that they are exploited commercially, as good codes in these domains are quite valuable. But I suspect, that in most cases it is just the inconvenience to maintain the code, or write a documentation, or the fact that the code is written during a Ph.D. thesis after which the author ceases to work in the field that leads to the code never publicised.

   I don't know, if I am right on this matter, but if I am, I would like to hear from everyone, who thinks that he might contribute to such a collection of codes.

   What I want to do is: When I receive a code, together with some information about its use, I will try to make it run on my machine, which is a Linux/i586 system, and calculate some suitable examples. When everything works out, I will make a webpage for the code, describing its use, how to install it, provide some example calculations or visualisations of the output or any other information that I have come about and found useful. Also I will provide the code to download from my page, possibly with the modifications I made, to run it on my computer.

   As a fine example of what I am looking for, see: Uni-Freiburg Projekte MHD/RHD

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